Sabotaging hunts is relatively easy and after mastering a few basic techniques most people will be able to easily and effectively save animals’ lives. This booklet will describe these techniques and should give you a good basic introduction to what hunt saboteurs do and how hunts operate. However, there is never any substitute for experience – it may seem very clear when you’re reading about it in theory but it’s never quite so clear-cut when you’re out in the field. Sabbing often requires split-second decisions which can mean the difference between an animal’s life and death.

Always remember, we are there for the animals, not our own sake. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, don’t.

It may be frustrating, but you will feel a hell of a lot better frustrated than you will if you’ve just accidentally helped the hunt kill through not knowing what you’re doing. If you have not been sabbing before, you should get in touch with experienced sabs who will be able to show you how to apply these tehcniques and when.

The first means of contact is via your local group or contact the Hunt Saboteurs Association at:


Telephone (+44) 0845 4500727


Hints and Tips
Basic Tools – Making and Using a Whip
Hunting Terms & Glossary
Hare Hunting
Fox Hunting including:

  1. Cub Hunting
  2. Fell Packs
  3. Horn Calls (External link to North West HSA website)

Stag and Deer Hunting
Mink Hunting