Criminal Damage on Saboteurs’ vehicle by Red Coat of the Tedworth Foxhounds

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Damage toWindscreen 230313 tedworth Hunt Image

Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 25th March 2013

On March 23rdth Hunt saboteurs from the Bristol and Bath groups were  at The Fox public house, Tangley, on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border north of Andover, the meet of the the Tedworth Foxhounds.

During the days hunting the group’s vehicles was blocked by riders as the hunt ‘put-up’ a fox with the Hounds close behind!  Hunt saboteurs on foot managed to intervene by slowing the hound with voice and horn calls preventing the fox’s death and the breaking of the hunting act.

The huntsman and whipper-ins were on the scene wearing the traditional red coats and as one of them passed the groups Land Rover he used his riding crop to smash the windscreen, only inches from the driver’s face. 

The driver later spoke to a Police officer from the Hampshire Police who refused to take any statement of the incident or interview any suspects on the scene. This is being followed up with Hampshire constabulary.

Lee Moon, Press officer of the hunt Saboteurs Association stated;
“You would assume the Hampshire Police would be interested in any Criminal Damage reported, particularly with a group of people with a history of violence. It seems that when it comes to hunters Hampshire constabulary will turn a blind eye to illegal hunting and any other illegal actions taken to protect their activities. We would in interested in a comment from the Hampshire Chief inspector regarding his officers lack of action to this incident.”


For all press enquiries, contact our Press Officer.


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