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Our Hotline number

(+44) 07443 148 426

For general enquiries, email the Information Officer using the contact form below:

If you have a specific enquiry, please use the following contact details:

Press Officer: 07951 834771 or email the Press Officer here.

For membership enquiries email the Membership Officer here.

For Local Groups: email the Contact Officer here.

Sales goods: email the Merchandise Officer here.

PGP: Click here to download our PGP public key if you wish to send us encrypted data.

By Mail: BM HSA, London, UK. WC1N 3XX

By Telephone (+44) 0845 2501291

Cheques need to be payable to the HSA please and sent to: BM HSA, London, UK. WC1N 3XX 

If you have sent a membership request, sales goods order or a donation by mail to us recently please be patient with our response as we rely on a forwarding system to distribute paperwork to the relevant volunteers that deal with these areas and there is therefore a delay involved.

This site is not administered from our office address above, so if you want leaflets or posters etc, please arrange via the telephone or we can forward emails for you. 

The HSA is 100% volunteer run and our volunteers have ‘normal’ jobs, so please bear with us if you experience a delay