Do Foxes need Culling?


With the recent media attention on urban foxes the question has once again been raised about the need to cull foxes. The fox hunting community has always claimed that one of their raison d’être is to control the numbers of foxes in the countryside. So does this argument hold any water?   Germany banned fox […]

Hounds ran out in front of my car – what should I do?

We frequently hear about hunt hounds – or even horses – being out of control and causing a hazard.  Clearly if hunts are “following a trail” they have been reckless in laying it across a highway.  More than likely they are not following a trail and are hunting in defiance of the law.  It’s one […]

I saw some illegal hunting. What can I do?

Hunting a wild animal with dogs is illegal in England, Wales and Scotland.  If you witness illegal hunting there are a number of things you can do: If you have a camera of any kind (even on a mobile phone!) try to capture images of the incident, its aftermath or the people involved.  Be careful […]

What has happened to my order?

If you have sent a membership request, salesgoods order or a donation please be patient with our response and allow 28 days.   All HSA staff are volunteers who are also active in the field.  If you posted something, please note we rely on a forwarding system to distribute all mailed paperwork to the relevant […]